About Us

Hahacards.net is a greeting card company that is a father and son duo.  Nine-year-old Zakariyus Ford, of hahacards.net, has designed Father’s Day greeting cards as a response in helping to raise money for PPE equipment for our front line workers. 

This Father’s day season, hahacards.net will donate a mask for every dollar made from greeting card sales.

HaHaCards.net was started by a father Derek Ford and his 9 year old son Zakariyus.  The idea started when Zakariyus was asking what can be done to help front line workers that are being put at risk by COVID 19.

According to Ford, he almost replied, “There is nothing that we can do.”  Then he thought about it and he realized that there is always something that can be done to help.  Anyone can make a difference.  Zakariyus always loved to draw and he suggested that he use his greeting card ideas to help raise money for the front line workers.